Lavender Sea Salt Scrub

Lavender Sea Salt Scrub

There really is no season, that this relaxing sea salt scrub can’t be used. Admittedly, I am looking forward to Spring and all its life-giving color, as this has been one of the wettest years on record here in the Sierra Nevada! This is a very simple recipe, great for gifts, and amazing for your body. Did you know that sea salt is a great detox, as well as helping to open your bodies’ pores, which enables the nutrients from your food to be better absorbed?! Think of all the vitamins we flush out of our system simply because our skin needs a good scrubbing! Feel free to use any essential oil of choice, I like lavender for its calming effect, and with 4 children…I need help being calm! We use this in the shower, but it is a great bath soak as well. Enjoy!


1 Half Pint Mason Jar with Wide Mouth

1 Cup Sea Salt

1/4 Cup Pure Olive Oil or Almond Oil

1/4 Cup Dried Lavender (optional)

15 Drops Lavender Oil or Essential Oil of Choice


Pour small amounts of sea salt, then olive oil, sea salt, then olive oil, one on top of the other until the jar is almost filled. Leave enough space for dried flowers if using. Add dried lavender, and essential oil. Close lid, and use as needed.



Abby Butterfield


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