Coconut Almond Butter

Coconut Almond Butter At one point, I was selling my home made nutbutters to family, and friends. This is one of my first recipes. A best seller, with it’s rich, and creamy texture, it is sure to win any almond lover out there;). Enjoy! Read More

Coconut Sunbutter

Coconut Sunbutter  After the birth of my daughter Ladd, I developed a raging case of thrush that would not subside. It took almost a year, a trip to the naturopath, and a major change in my diet to begin any healing. One of the Read More

Coconut Vanilla Pecan Butter

Coconut Vanilla Pecan Butter When Josh and I first moved to the Sierra Nevada, I decided to try and help out by trying to generate some income from home. I put out business cards using my previous veterinary technician experience, looking for people who Read More