Paleo Sausage and Jalapeño Muffins

Paleo Sausage and Jalapeño Muffins I feel like I get into a rut when it comes to baking, but after 3 seasons of The British Baking Show, some new ideas have come upon me! I’m trying to venture out of my comfort zone of baking Read More

Paleo Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Paleo Cinnamon Raisin Bread Although I cannot have raisins due to the high sugar content, they are a favorite among my children. Who didn’t love a thick slice of sugary raisin bread, slathered with butter when they went to visit Grandma? I am partial Read More

Paleo Sandwich Bread

Paleo Sandwich Bread One thing that every paleo convert craves, is a satisfying piece of bread without all the gluten, and processed flours. This bread holds up wonderfully for your sandwich needs, and is an awesome addition to my Sweet Potato and Asparagus Leek Read More

Paleo Sesame Hamburger Buns

Paleo Sesame Hamburger Buns There is no season, that doesn’t require a delicious, soft hamburger bun to go with your choice of burger. These buns are not too doughy in texture, but hold together extremely well, so throw on all the toppings you desire! Read More

Low-Carb Paleo Bread

Something I have missed most about eating a ketogenic/paleo diet, is a really yummy sandwich bread that doesn’t have dairy. I use this delicious bread to make sandwiches, french toast (yum!), or just plain old toast with your favorite spread. Using a taller, slimmer Read More