Low-Carb Sunbutter Cups

Low-Carb Sunbutter Cups We all know that one of the best food combinations on planet Earth, is peanut butter and chocolate. I however, cannot eat peanuts due to their high mold content, as they encourage the growth of yeast in the body which led Read More

Keto Cashew-Sunbutter Bark

Keto Cashew-Sunbutter Bark This ketogenic cashew-sunbutter bark is a wonderful pick me up snack or quick breakfast treat when you are out of time. Keeping your carbs low, and healthy fats the front runner of your diet will give you more energy throughout the Read More

Chocolate-Peppermint Coconut Stacks

Chocolate-Peppermint Coconut Stacks If you are looking for a quick, but seriously satisfying treat that won’t raise your blood sugar, then these coconut stacks are for you! Keeping things simple, you will only need to add your ingredients to a saucepan and pour into Read More

Chocolate Sunbutter Fat Bombs

Chocolate Sunbutter Fat Bombs Although I don’t eat refined sugar products any longer, I still enjoy a sweet treat. These Chocolate Sunbutter Fat Bombs are full of healthy fats and protein, but sweet enough to satisfy my cravings. I like to grab one out Read More